Amy of Darkness

Page #1069: Stream of Conscience

It has been a while since we've seen Charby on this end of the archive, huh? Here he is, in the spot where you'll find him any time there's something heavy on his mind, that rock by the edge of the stream. But now... who could he be talking to? And why is this spot so important to him? Well... we might get some insight into that! And yes, the rock he's sobbing on in the last panel is the same one he is sitting on now, after hundreds of years some changes have gone on in the area! The stream was much wider at the time, and has rather dwindled down. He's not talking about the stream though!
*edit* oh my gosh the wonderful compliments I've gotten on this page!(„☆▽☆„) And here I just spent a few hours fixing some stuff because I felt like it needed some improvement, I hope it still looks nice haha! (some leaves were overlapping the border and it just got to me, so next thing I know I'm adjusting colors, fixing up leaves...)