Amy of Darkness

Page #1078: Who Goes There?

Kavonn's hat has access to many worlds, and thus can understand the languages of those worlds. Beams that translation straight into Kavonn's brain! But he used his staff to let the other guy talk to the crowd.

Doe, a deer! But not really in this case because Doe can refer to several other female animals, like koalas, rabbits, goats, rats, but also weasels, which is why I went with doe! (plus it's a cute word) I think it's easily understood, more so than "cow" or "jill".

Like I said elsewhere, much like a caterpillar turns to goop in its chrysalis and reforms as a butterfly, so to does this changeling demon... but without a chrysalis of course. That sort of protection would probably help prevent things like an interrupted metamorphosis that results in an imperfect copy...

*EDIT* I went and re-shaded stuff since it might have looked like there was stuff in there that should not be? When I'm working on these at high-res and can see what stuff actually is, it doesn't occur to me a leg or fold might look like something else. I will NEVER spring uncensored nudity on you, EVER. So if something looks like an objectionable part in there still, just know that's completely unintentional. The only thing I drew in there were legs, teeth, eyes, some horns, a couple frog legs, one hoofed leg, boils, toenails,claws/talons, hair, some mouths and some general folds/ rolls of fat.


*EDIT #2* fixed some dialogue for better clarity!