Amy of Darkness

Page #1079: Strange Changeling

The burning question is finally asked! :)
I made a slight edit to the previous page, the narration dialogue in panel 2 was altered for better clarity.

Kavonn has finished with his second-hand account! It's the only other time he had a run-in with a Changeling Demon, the rest of what he knows is from his education he received at The Bureau. He could have told Daray cut-and-dried details, but Kavonn enjoys the telling of a story, and I like illustrating it.

If there's still confusion, I'll lay it out for you here; if you figured it out already, awesome! The woman he met (I'll call her "Blue" for now) was the Changeling Demon. The Changeling had very recently absorbed Blue and was still reeling from confusion and loss, and the memories of her previous "victim" Dalon, and possibly previous creatures, were mixed with her own (those of being attacked and chased off for example.) She simply did not realize she was not "Blue" but in fact the one she was worrying over, well not yet anyway...

Fake-Dalon had very much loved Blue, the worry and grief she expresses are from both of them. And although Blue's feelings of love may have been genuine in return, the Changeling Demon affects their victims in a way that lets them drop their guard by amplifying affection toward it, which probably complicated things further. Kavonn was definitely getting that from Blue when they met in the not-so-enchanted glade.

So much was he affected that it took Arill dragging him to Blue's house and showing him the mess it left behind to convince him that she was something dangerous.

And the changeling being Blue would probably not realize she was "dangerous" either. Not when they were being Dalon, not when they were being the doe who followed Dalon in the Bogs... What Arill and Kavonn would never know is, this all happened completely by mistake. Recall when Mannick said "I'm bound by the same desire to change..."? (page 1067) Changelings just do what is natural to them, and sometime have a hard time realizing what that entails for the other party...