Amy of Darkness

Page #1082: In-terror-gation

So we're clear, this is not a bluff. Kavonn honestly intends to jack into their brains with his hat using a method that looks a lot like what we saw here! Torture doesn't get results. People will just say what they think their captor wants to hear just to make it stop. Kavonn's hat can directly access their thoughts and relay to Kavonn everything she finds out from them. But since she doesn't have the bluetooth connection she does with Kavonn (the hat made some installations and alterations through the first connection) this will have to be a very painful analog reading! Kavonn and his hat communicate mentally of course, with the Hat having less of a voice and responding more through suggestion. But this is why Kavonn can get what he needs most of the time from his hat without commanding it aloud. Sometimes the hat has its own ideas about what he needs for the situation though. He also has his access portals connected to specific things, like the bugs in the cabin, the fresh eggs he got for their breakfast. Maybe one day he'll yammer on about all this to Daray at some point.
Oh, troll may be easier to understand on this page but here's the transcript-"Crunchy if you please" "Thank ye kindly sir, nice to have a meal!"