Amy of Darkness

Page #1083: A Bounty Of Information

I'd usually space this update out from the ReVamped page I just posted yesterday but it's been a month since I posted a page on this end of the archive!!
Daray forgot about the bounty poster! Or rather, he made a reasonable assumption about his father and failed to consider he'd actually go beyond posting village edicts and would be so utterly propelled by vengeance that he'd go into the Demon Market (he hates it) and deal with non-Onekamari (he hates those) and post a single bounty poster-- as far in as he dared to go, which was not far at all, as you can see the ripped scrap of the poster Gramston has is the one that was on the fruit stand in the bottom left corner of this page. He got his xenophobic butt into that place as far as he could and left! Guys like the rug salesman who tried to goad Daray into denouncing Dragons with him are familiar with Onekamari more like Daray's father, which is why he singled him out. We'll get into it far later but that fellow's kin are in a similar situation to the Onekamari toiling in the Blackforge mines. Anyway, that's how Gramston's "Mice", the trio of Skzzldrix that were tailing him at the entrance, marked him as a person of interest and informed Gramston of the situation, where he passed it on to those two. Kavonn doesn't know about the posters-- Daray didn't see any while he stomped all over the market, so he assumed there were none. To the both of them, it's a perfectly reasonable answer that the special map is the reason they were being followed by two thugs. Nice save mister Dwarf but you're still headed to Samrick's jail!