Amy of Darkness

Page #1095: Deepest Regrets

I'm even more sorry, Jozk!
There's actually a reason the Rose Sisters are confused here-- soul gems are not a thing in these parts. They see that open gaping hole in his chest that the gem fell out of and assume he's like any other vessel, the gem was a cork and his soul must have flown out of his body the moment it opened up! Up here in the Demon Kingdom, you probably will only find someone who has heard of it as a concept, but no one who knows how it works. The crystals you can find in Kellwood-- or even many other dimensions-- are simply not as receptive vessels as the ones the Orrotta possess. Even those who do employ them, such as some homunculus made in the Mage's College to the West, have theirs put to shame by one like Jozk's or Avonlea's. Let's just say though that getting to the College is very, very difficult... and I mean the travelling, not the enrolling!