Amy of Darkness

Page #1099: He Knows The Muffin Man

It's time to meet the team Samrick has arranged to help Sadick track down his sister! (And the one he's set to lead after she has been apprehended!) Patrons have already had a peek at most of the team a while ago (couple years even!) And those on the lore tier especially may have some insight to this interaction. They will be properly introduced in the page after this, but I'll tell you their names right now, from left to right- Breck (Elf), Simon (Orycalope), Maro (Skzzledrix) Chō (yōkai), Frey Von Skyler (half-Elf) and Han (yōkai). The twins are not Nekomata obviously, as they don't have split tails (Han's tail is bobbed) but that would hardly matter in Kellwood as generations have a tendency to mutate. Frey is Nick's old RP character who was meant to appear in one of his now-dead comics, so I rescued him for Sadick's team because I like the character, and he fits in very well with something we've yet to get into at this point (but it has been merely hinted at).