Amy of Darkness

Page #1100: Old Friends

So, did ya know that Sadick had a half-brother? Neither did he! Poor, poor Mel...
Because it's been a while, here's a little refresher since Sadick brings it up here again. Some of you may recall Sadick mentioning a double that poses as the Prince when the Royals have to make a public appearance-- his name is Ozmir. Obviously, he is not the first fake-prince they had... that was Mel. As for Breck, he was Sadick's page, and one of the very few servants who knew Mel even existed. We'll find out more later as obviously this event had a major impact on Sadick...(Lore tier folks already know what's up since I posted about it in April!) Honestly, this page made ME really sad because, even if you the audience are just meeting him, Mel's been a major NPC character in a long-running RPG. He existed before the RPG of course, but there's a difference between a deceased character who is part of someone's past and actually interacting with said character (even if it is an alternate version of said character)!