Amy of Darkness

Page #1103: Trashed

Sorry for the missed update last week, there was a plumbing disaster in our house and that was not good for working since they needed to access the panel in the workroom to replace our drain pipe-- it burst and flooded our neighbor's bathroom below us AND the garage. On the positive side, now the tub actually DRAINS for once, and because it was in between the floors it wasn't as expensive as it could have been as the association covered most of it-- still expensive but it could have been thousands and that would have SUCKED SO MUCH because we're already pretty broke right now this week and we have to wait until the friday after next for payday. Ughhhh....

Han, who wants to eat an entire half of un-cored pineapple for breakfast?! I think Simon wanted you to bring him some actual food, not a joke!