Amy of Darkness

Page #1105: The Edge Of Ruin

Samrick is the High King of Kellwood, and all the Grand Kingdoms and Alliances pay tribute to the Demon Kingdom per agreements and treaty. Those who don't simply aren't recognized as kingdoms and don't get the same benefits. Somehow, a good majority of these tributes are being waylaid, and much like the Elf King's situation, this would be BAD if it got out publicly. The Kingdom's running on fumes and Samrick's doing his level best to pretend things are just peachy keen...
For a little more context to the implications of the Orb of Winter being stolen, I unlocked two lore posts from Patreon (when they're over a year old or more and come up in the story, they get unlocked!) First is Coins of Kellwood Part 1-The Troll Coins (where we see a Froud inspired troll and a Bauer inspired troll!) and Part 2: Grisbelma and the "Troll Penny" a story of a little Grimalkin making a big discovery.