Amy of Darkness

Page #1106: That's What Sidhe Said

Sidhe is another term for Faeries, particularly the Irish fairies of the mounds. It's pronounced "Shee" (━‿◕)
So! Our first look at Sadick's father the King of Eldenlon, juicing up on the Kingdom's magics! I hope you all read the stories I released on the previous page, because a lot of the context of what this Orb does (and the potential risk) is there. Hating on Samrick obviously isn't the only reason he refused his invitation to the party, but it was a pretty convenient excuse to avoid being seen publicly when he doesn't have the Orb of Winter to freshen up with first. And finally we get to the matter of the Fiend Barrier! What the heck is that? It keeps fiend-blooded out of Eldenlon-- demons. So Simon, K'ale (Sadick has only seen pelts of Lemuro!) Rodericke and his vampires, Hexavier and Mye, the Demon Kings, anyone with the essence of the fiends cannot enter the Elf Kingdom without excruciating pain as the magic tries to banish that essence from their body. Hearing that Fay met up with Demons at the border safehold threw him off-- it's not hard to believe the Fairies would use their ward to get an impressionable girl already prone to running off on her own to bring a supremely important artifact with her, but the Demons somehow being in on a plot with Fairies complicates matters further. The Elf Court already mistrusts Samrick and his people, and finding this out only fed Sadick's paranoia... but why trust Samrick then? Because Samrick already knows about the Orb and that's dangerous information to hold over Sadick and his father Malachai. The Orb is already in the hands of Samrick's allies. Joining Samrick's court thumbs his nose at Malachai who clearly didn't want him around anyway... he will do what he has to for the sake of Eldenlon's citizens, but he does not care if the Old Elf drops dead waiting for him to get back.