Amy of Darkness

Page #1112: Tattle-Tree

Called out! Charby mentioned how he can sense the presence of the "entity" in the "Ones who see", as in specifically, monster hunters. I hope you've all been keeping up on ReVamped , because we're approaching relevant matters that were brought up in one of the arcs soon! I must reiterate since a lot of people still seem reluctant to read it, ReVamped is not simply an art-update to the old archive, there is added material which initially got cut, in addition to that, stories that didn't even make it into the tome but existed in both my notes and mini-book arcs. There are also things that are put to comic form which had previously been in handwritten bios for each character. So if you're reading only this end of the archive and wondering why it is slow, it's because you're only getting half of the story!