Amy of Darkness

Page #115: Bad Mother

Not all Ixzerites, who are descendants of those Ash Circle folks John mentioned, are inherently bad people. Just because they do things like completely messing up one of the strongest and oldest hunter family bloodlines doesn't mean that John can just haul off and kill Vic's mom! Robert Marlowe may or may not have been a "dud"... someone who simply didn't manifest the powers John has.(And nope this isn't one of those previous generation loses their power as their child inherits it type deals!) There's far more to the process than simply being born with the potential. Kimberly just made sure that potential would have no chance to blossom. John isn't getting any younger and maybe they were counting on Vic picking up the slack...

I might also point out that it's an assumption on John's part that the families were next, but it's not a far off conclusion. They nabbed him after all, but he stopped them cold when he arrived.

And don't worry, you're not going to be kept in the dark forever about these strange names that keep popping up. This ain't a mystery plot story where the author just throws stuff out for the flash of "what does it mean?!" reactions but is making it up as they go along, if something gets mentioned in this comic that means no less than a few YEARS worth of world-building, refinement and discussion went into it. I know where I'm going with this, and things are gonna make a lot more sense soon!