Amy of Darkness

Page #119: Pop Cult, Sure!

Sheeeeesh this page took a long time, thanks to having to draw a car, but I chose the car I'm most familiar with hahaa... Blaine's '94 Cavalier is practically brand new at this time! Actually it was more than just the car holding things up, but you know, it's the usual depression. I'm feeling a little better now, just stressed from not getting things done. Anyway! What fake-doctor here is trying to do is get Vic to fall under the sway of the glamour the way his parents and brother are- for his own sake. Not all the things he sees are dangerous, and the ones that are? Blaine and the "Families" have been tasked by John to take care of those threats and keep an eye on Vic... and not just for his own good of course. The Ixzerites (other than his mom, who seems mostly unaware) have taken an interest in Victor. They are much more subtle than the previous generations-- the Ash Circle and the generation the now-dead Dr. Smith belonged to were a lot more ostentatious. The nurse who turned on the radio- and Kim Marlowe's friend who recommended the health center-- are Ixzerites. Most Ixzerites typically aren't even aware they are being nudged in a direction to do things-- they just know it feels right when they do things that serve Ixzerit, even if it is something as small as boosting the signal. And folks like the former Dr. Smith, well... that's another story for another time!