Amy of Darkness

Page #121: Habitable Zone

If you didn't see the news post: the site was down for a while thanks to a security breach, the site was shut down by our domain host until I could clear out the infected files, which we couldn't do until we got home from out of state visiting my parents. Had the important email regarding this NOT gone directly to Nick's spam folder (Outlook is the WORST) we could have taken care of it before we left! Sorry for the inconvenience!!
But in other news, look it's the first (in-comic) glimpse of a map of Kellwood! A tiny, tiny portion of it! The area at the top (Farms & Stuff) is where Tony came into Kellwood and stayed for a brief time, that's where the train yard is. Zeno wouldn't have much to contribute to Charby's side of the story anyway-- aside from "Elves" Jorro and Ezza who rescued him (living in relative seclusion) and random large monsters who tormented him, Zeno has about the same impression as Tony of a small enclave of forest-dwellers hiding away from the Humans, due to the fact that he has lived almost entirely in the most sparsely populated territory his whole existence. If he'd been awake (as in, not drugged so he couldn't navigate his way back home) during the trip up North where his family left him (close to the Human City, on the edge of Samrick's territory) maybe he would have seen a few things to speak up for Charby. It's not that they're denying there's a diverse amount of creatures calling the forest home-- it's the idea that there's Kingdoms, and enough "secret land" to conceal them, that gives them pause. Tony may be a supernatural creature, but he buys a lot into human ideas of the world, more than he would probably admit for a guy who can turn into a bug with a hat.