New Comic Launch!

If you did not notice the new shiny thumbnail on the main page let me now direct your attention to it! Here There Be Monsters is now launched! A companion comic to CTV that will also be updating regularly, bringing more stories from Kellwood per week! Our talented friend Neila is doing the pencils and inks for this new comic, while I take on the coloring and scripting work. The first official page goes up Friday, but the cover page is up right now! 

Big thanks go out to Caitlin our web designer for being awesome and setting up the site for us and Neila for her hard work on the art!



You guys are all awesome and 'Here There Be Monsters' is going to be FANTASTIC! I can't wait for more of it! 


Can't wait to read the new comic, I know it's going to be great!

Strawberries777's picture

That's so cool! Can't wait to see where it goes. :D


Whoa, the couple of days of you being offline really had me worried. I hope all is well, on your end. 

Amy of Darkness

Oh gosh I was worried too! But we've identified the problem that keeps crashing the site, and on Thursday we're going to have a meeting discussing how to fix the problem so this stops happening!


Awesome, might there also be an update on the horizon?

Amy of Darkness

Absolutely! As soon as we're sure it won't crash the site! :D


: )

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Please add an RSS feed.  That is one thing I loved about the old site :)

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