New things on the horizon!

Hey youseall! More new news to the newsbox for youse!  There's a lot of new stuff to look forward to here, and I'm here to talk about one of them now! Revamped's first page is coming soon, but here's an announcement for another thing we've been working on this year! You may be familiar with my friend Neila's work, as she did the faboo inking for "A Bird in a Hat", and we have her on board also for a larger project that'll be coming up sometime next month (if all goes well!) called Here There Be Monsters! What is that exactly? A prequel, and a side story of sorts, designed to tie in with Revamped, to make things a little interesting for people who already know the story! It is going to focus on stories in Kellwood City, as opposed to the more forest-centric stories of CTV. Take a look in the gallery for 2 sneak peeks at a couple panels!

Keep an eye out for announcements on when this launches, among other things!

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