October News

Hey youseall! Time for new news!

First order of biz:

Welcome new members!

I see a lot of people haven't logged in yet, so check your emails because I've been sending them myself, but even if you see no email (unless it was more than a month ago when I was having to send out passwords, you'll need that email from me!) your account should still work because I changed the activation. You can log in after I approve the account, and I'm trying to stay on top of that! If you can't log in after a week, come see me about it. Just comment here and let me know your member name and I'll email you.

Big news!

The new comic is coming very soon! October 31st, otherwise known as Halloween, will be seeing the launch of Here There Be Monsters! HTBM is featuring art by the talented artist Neila, who is doing the pencils and inks for HTBM while I am doing the script. So when that launches that will be more updates per week for CTV stuff! Yeeaah!




Mah login doesn't work ;-;
My user was either SammiCat or IAmTheSammiCat, i forget which.
I'd also like to point this out(because for some reason your spambox eats my emails no matter WHAT i do):
It's out Jan 1, and I've got a copy earmarked for you :D Thanks again for doing the most amazingful art ever ;-;

Amy of Darkness

Ahh! It is so good to hear from you! I wasn't sure how to contact you after DD crashed, the email i was using before got thrashed so I haven't been able to access it! I'll send you a new password and my new email straight away! :D That is exciting news indeed!


I wanna make sure yur actually getting my emails this time. Also, just wanted to let you know your user link redirects to oblivion o.o

Amy of Darkness

Yup, email received! Thanks for double checking here, I too worry when I don't hear back! (I'm waiting on several replies on things myself! D:)  thanks for the heads up on the user link thing too! Things are still being worked on around here and any feedback is welcome! :D


<p>No problem. It&#39;s Drupal being silly. Your user has spaces in it and that&#39;s why the site is going &quot;hohoho no one here by THAT name O: &quot;</p>


Yaaaay! :D


So where or when do I look for the comic. Did I miss an update?

Amy of Darkness

There was a bit of a snag due to the website being down and needing to transfer, so the other comic's launch ended up being pushed back a few weeks. It's getting closer though! Thanks for asking!


I can't wait!


The site being down had me freaked out for a bit.


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