Password verifications

The mysterious issue of the site not sending the verification password still persists, and while the solution still eludes us, I went ahead and sent out emails to every member whose last access is "never" (meaning that the account was never logged into, also meaning I'm assuming the email never arrived!) so if you see something from an Amy of Darkness in your email, that's me! (check your spam and junk just in case your email went "I don't know this person!") In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on new members joining on, so don't be afraid to join just because of this issue. I don't mind doing it myself as long as it works!


Razzy Jazz

Thanks again!


never mind got my login issue sorted out .. :) great to see you getting things worked out .. hope your life is working out too


I am so excited that I finally thought to Google you. I thought you were gone, and I was so sad. Charby is one of my favorite reads and I am so happy you are still around and on your own server. I discovered your work over a year ago, and loved it, but never read the whole thing through because DD was always down. So happy!

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