Welcome to the new site!

Hey everybody!

It is a delight to have a new site! :D Minor fixes are still being worked out at the moment, but we are nearing completion! Going through the archives you might notice some things like skips, these are intentional. The old archives have been broken off into their own gallery, so after Pirate Days we are going to be filling the archives with new content and re-drawn pages for what we are calling "Re-vamped"! I am not stopping the ongoing comic to redo these old stories however, both will update each week, with revamped moving to meet in the middle with the arc just after the party story arc, and the story as we know it continuously moving from there! Everything will be made more clear as we move forward, and I hope you enjoy what we're making here. I'm testing out this news page for the first time right here!

*edit!* And new members, if you make an account, check your junk mail for verification as it may sometimes end up there!



The site looks great! I'm so excited that I'll be able to comment on pages again - I haven't been able to for years on the Duck because it's so buggy and would never keep me logged in to do so.

Lookin' forward to seeing the revamped pages, too!


Ooo thank goodness we can still comment. That was the only thing I was worried about.

Re-vamping your old pages sounds kinda like a lot of hard work! It'll be very hard to recapture the feel and magic of the expressions etc, surely?

Regardless, it's your comic so you can do what you like with it ^_^

Razzy Jazz

I think I'm more excited to see how you re-Vamp old pages vs. seeing the new stuff you make each week! The old stories hold a special place in my heart haha! :)


So is it better to follow you on here now rather than on duck? Will everything on there be on here too? And are you still going to keep updating it on there?

Amy of Darkness

It's up to you really! I'm still updating on the duck but I don't have ReVamped up there yet, and the only thing I don't have on here is small a handful of the old archive comics (the 2 crossovers and a few random one-shots) I would be glad to have you around on whichever one you chose! :D

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